WASD - Movement
E - Interaction
Mouse Click on Items - Use Item

Coffee - Gain Health
Hammer - Gain Work
Phone - Gain Points for lowest friend

Items might still be buggy!

The Bars are decreasing. To increase them walk to the colored houses and interact with them.

German for "On the wing" which is actually "Zwischen Tür und Angel". This is a game created in the 48h long MiniBeansJam7.

The Topic of the Jam was "not enough time" and all you do in this game is to find enough time to sleep, work and meet friends. Since you've got to take care of yourself and your relationships, you need to rush through the city so you do not neglect any of those.

Some Random "Events" happen that make you lose points and you can use Items in tight situations to gain points.

For your knowledge, because of bugfixxing I updated this Game 180 minutes after official GameJam deadline.

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